A beginner’s guide to vaping

Are you interested in starting your vaping journey? Do you want to learn about the basics of vaping devices and e-liquids for beginners? If you are reading this article, then probably the answer is a resounding yes. Great! Let’s get started.

What is vaping?

We should start from the very top and focus on vaping itself. What is it? Vaping is the process of inhaling a vapour that was produced by the vaping device such as a pod system, vape mod or e-cigarette. Vapour is created by heating the e-liquid which is present inside the device.

When did vaping start?

Scientists have worked on creating e-cigarettes for many years – sources say that first attempts may be tracked even back to the early 1920s. Despite the best efforts only in 2003, we welcomed the first e-cigarette which was created by a Chinese pharmacist and smoker Hon Lik. The vaping devices appeared in many different countries around the world around 2006, but their true popularity skyrocketed in 2010. Since then vaping became successful in the US, Europe, Australia and of course, Asia. In the beginning, it was Chinese companies that paved the industry, but nowadays, the market is full of smaller and bigger manufacturers. Some of them focus on designing vaping devices, others on developing e-juices, and others specialize in both of those domains. 

Everything you need to know about vaping devices 

The true cornerstone of any vaping experience are vaping devices. There are, of course, various different models on the market but they all share similar parts and overall way of working. 

  • Device – It is the central part of any vape mod, pod systems or e-cigarette. The primary function of the device is transferring the power from the battery and delivering it to the atomizer. Of course, there are many designs and sizes of vaping devices – some are shaped like a tube, pen, cigarette or a box.
  • Batteries – Some of the devices are equipped with built-in batteries you can recharge, and others have replaceable batteries you can simply take out and exchange. 
  • Atomizer – It’s an area that holds coils and wick, both necessary for converting vape juice into the vapour. 
  • Coils – Coils are created by pieces of resistance wire which were formed in the shape of a spring. They may have different levels of resistance and therefore, can deliver different amounts of heat to the device and transform e-liquid into vapour at varying rates.
  • Wick – It helps to deliver the e-juice to the coils. 

Explore the world of vape juices

We have already covered the basics of vaping devices. Now, onto the other part of the vaping solution – e-liquids. You may also know them by different names like e-juices or vape juices, but they all refer to the same type of product. The vape juices are fluids which are poured into the tank of the vaping device where they are heated and change into the vapour. They are a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, solvents and various food-grade flavouring. Vape juices can also contain nicotine but don’t have to, and there are nicotine-free options available as well. Vapers can choose different strengths of this ingredient, depending on their needs and likes. Of course, e-juices can have diverse flavours, and on the market, you can find thousands of unique blends. Most of them fit in the couple of main categories such as Fruits, Desserts & Sweets, Drinks & Beverages, Sour & Tarts or Creamy. Naturally, there are also traditional flavours like Tobacco or Menthol. More advanced vapers often choose to mix their e-juices by themselves and create new concoctions. Now you know everything about vaping for beginners – we hope vaping will become your real passion!

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