Precautions for using electronic cigarettes

Here are some general do’s and don’ts for vaping:


1.Choose high-quality vaping products from reputable manufacturers to reduce health risks.I’m sure you can find the right product on

2.Use the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.Some products will have a product manual, you can read some precautions in the manual.

3.Keep your vaping device clean and regularly replace any worn or damaged parts.You can use paper towels or alcohol cotton to wipe the sticky substance of the cigarette holder and the connection between the atomizer and the cigarette holder after smoking every day.

4.Consider the potential impact of vaping on those around you, particularly if they are sensitive to secondhand vapor.Because they may be allergic to second-hand steam, or they may not like the smell of this second-hand steam, so they need to look at the people around them and try not to use it in public places.

5.Store e-liquid and vaping devices out of reach of children and pets.Obviously, neither cigarettes nor vape should be sold to children. This is a bottom line issue. If you have purchased vape and there are children or pets at home, you should put the vape and e-liquid in a high place or put them in a locked cabinet to prevent children from touching them.

6.Be aware of the laws and regulations about vaping in your area.If there are some laws about vape in your area, you should pay attention when purchasing, whether it is banning vape or banning vape in public places, you should be familiar with the relevant laws to avoid breaking the law.


1.Vape in areas where smoking is prohibited or in enclosed spaces where others may be exposed to secondhand vapor.

2.Use e-liquids that are expired or contain harmful chemicals.

3.Modify the device or use it for purposes other than its intended use.

4.Allow minors or pets to access vaping devices or e-liquids.

5.Do not use vape around children. You don’t know what e-cigarettes do to your children’s lungs, and as a parent you don’t want your kids around anyone smoking even though it’s vape.

6.Use a malfunctioning or damaged device.If the equipment is faulty or damaged, it must be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary injury.

7.Assume that vaping is totally safe; while it may be less harmful than smoking, there are still risks associated with it.

8.Do not place electronic cigarette equipment in the car, so as not to be exposed to the sun and cause the battery to overheat and cause a fire.

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