How to View the German Disposable Vape Market

Germany is one of the most prominent jewels in the Disposable vape market in Europe with a massive and mature market. As more smokers begin to consider vapes, the German vape market continues to grow larger. This article will explore the current state of the vape market in Germany.

1. Market Size

Germany is one of the largest vape markets in Europe, and the market is expected to continue to increase over the next few years. A report on industry analysis shows that in 2018, the total revenue of the German vape market was about 360 million euros. This number is expected to grow to 600 million euros by 2022.

2. Brands and Market Share

Despite the many vape brands in the market, the most popular vape brand in Germany is still Juul and Myblu. Juul is one of the leading vape brands worldwide, and it holds a market share of about 30% in Germany. Myblu is a UKvape brand with an excellent performance in the German market, occupying around 15% of the market share.

In addition, there are other well-known brands in the German market such as Vype and IQOS. These brands continually introduce new vapes products to meet consumers’ needs.

3. Consumer Groups

The German vape market attracts a wide range of consumer groups, including smokers and those who quit smoking. Among the smoking population, 80% of people expressed their intention to consider using anvape to help quit smoking.

Moreover, the development ofvapes also benefits from the younger generation’s interest. Data show that 40% of young people in Germany use vapes. This trend becomes more apparent as vapes become more convenient and fashionable.

4. Regulatory Policies

German regulations onvapes are relatively loose. In 2016, the country developedvape legislation that allowed vapes to be sold on the market. However, the German government is still reviewing the safety ofvapes and the risk they pose to the health of smokers.

5. Future Trends

With the continuous development of digital technology, thevape market will further develop in the future. Consumers are increasingly demanding personalized visual experiences, andvape manufacturers will continue to innovate, launching more intelligent vape products. At the same time, the debate over howvapes affect health will continue to ferment, and it is expected that the government’s supervision ofvapes will be strengthened.

In conclusion, the future of the Germanvape market is promising, with a chance of becoming a leader in thevape market in the future. With continuous innovation and technological progress, this market will bring consumers more healthy, intelligent, and personalizedvape products.

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